Lie Detection Tests – Polygraph Tests

A theoretical case study in lie detection

“You can lie, but you can’t hide” – Eric Meyer ( Owner of Independant Truth Verification Services )


A Financial services company is looking to recruit a new person to implement new IT systems. The right person for the job must be someone with the right combination of technical skills, personality and most importantly honesty. The position involves handling high value financial transactions, and gives the employee access to sensitive client data like bank account details, and personal information.

The company can easily determine the job applicant’s level of skill, but the question is does this person have the integrity do be the right fit for the job.


Let’s call the applicant Simon X. Unknown to the financial services company, Simon X changed his surname recently, as he has a slightly chequered past. He is confident that as he is now a new man, he can beat any lie detector test. He has watched numerous Youtube videos on how to beat the polygraph as well, so he is relaxed.


This is where Independant Truth Verification Services (ITVS) Digital Forensic Voice Stress Analysis and Polygraph testing ( commonly referred to as “lie detection tests”) are invaluable.

ITVS uses pre-employment testing in order to establish if job applicant’s are honest, and whether they have been involved in any crime in their past / previous jobs. Our lie detection tests are 95% accurate, which leaves very little room for a dishonest person like Simon X to obtain employment with a reputable company. This battery of tests is what now faces Simon X.

Eric Meyer starts off by asking easy general questions to start building a profile. Soon, Eric starts asking more probing questions about Simon X’s past. Control questions are also employed to improve accuracy.


The ITVS polygraph test almost immediately picks up the stress in Simon X’s voice and body. Suffice to say that Simon X failed the polygraph dismally.

Based on the test results, Eric advises the financial services company, that employing Simon X will create a risk for them. The company can from there decide whether or not to act on the advice by ITVS.

The value of a skilled and experienced interrogator like Eric is often overlooked. The combination of technology and almost two decades of lie detection experience, makes ITVS a true nemesis for the liars and cheats out there.

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